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The North East’s Best Basement Waterproofing Services

Keeping your basement safe and dry is vital to any business. Living in Pennsylvania, we know how dangerous and frustrating it can be to endure a compromised basement or crawlspace, especially during the damp fall and winter seasons. Temporary fixes won’t stave off the growth of mold and irritants, and it takes only a single flooding to ruin the entire space. For business owners, basements aren’t just an ancillary room in the building—they are a necessary part of your establishment, and when not in use are just a waste of square footage that could be used for storage. 

If your basement is used for inventory or equipment storage, you deserve to fully utilize that space. Many business owners can’t afford to waste a single foot of their rental space, and plenty of innovators and entrepreneurs have started beloved local businesses in their storage areas. Whether your basement is finished or not, commercial waterproofing is key to transforming it into a safe, dry, dependable room. Don’t abandon an important part of your property just because of the threat of mold or perspiration—you deserve to get the most out of what you pay for.

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Do You Need Commercial Basement Waterproofing?

If you’ve detected moisture, mold, or seasonal damage in your basement, there’s a chance you’ve casually done an internet search for “basement waterproofing near me.” 

Significant repairs can be costly, but that doesn’t compare to the cost of damaged property or an unusable part of your business. Flooding is the number one reason you should get your basement waterproofed, whether it’s interior or exterior solutions. While Pennsylvania residents are no strangers to moist basements, you shouldn’t consider this a “normal” loss of property. Your basement shouldn’t flood, and when it does the water buildup attracts pests, breeds mold, and brings in algae and other irritants that can damage the space and cause health issues for employees and clients.

If you’re dealing with moisture in your basement, it’s time to think about professional waterproofing, which begins with a contractor inspection and quote. Most damp or leaky basements are also unfinished, and Basements By Burke offers finishing services, repairs, and waterproofing services that are uniquely customized to your property. Don’t chance it because you’re afraid of the cost—you don’t want water destroying inventory or expensive equipment, plus it’s an investment that lasts for the entire lifetime of your building. 

Understanding the current condition of your basement prior to waterproofing will help any business owner decide whether they need waterproofing, or if they should focus on repairs and finishing first. Waterproofing efforts can go to waste if the basement isn’t in good condition, which is why Basements By Burke is always up front about additional repairs.


Why Waterproof Your Business?

Water damage wreaks havoc on many Pennsylvania basements, in both businesses and homes., Every year it costs business owners valuable time and money that should be used elsewhere. Professional waterproofing should be a top priority, as this investment will return tenfold in the upcoming years. Our basement experts can provide the peace of mind you deserve, and with our help, you never have to stress over a rainstorm or snow day ever again.

No matter what kind of commercial business you own, it’s important to safeguard your assets. Water damage is ruthless, and can render inventory and property unusable. Water damage also leads to other problems, such as mold growth, warped flooring, and a loss of structural integrity. It generates musty odors, damages the drywall, and brings in insect infestations in the warmer months. This lowers the property value, not to mention making your business far less desirable for clients.

Whether you own a single storefront or several commercial buildings, our commercial waterproofing experts handle every job with reliability, skill, and unmatched customer service. We create custom waterproofing plans for every commercial basement, and that means meeting your budget and timeline. Our comprehensive waterproofing solutions include drainage installs and repairs on existing foundations, not to mention our warranty that will grant you peace of mind.

Basements By Burke is the most trusted commercial waterproofing contractor in Pennsylvania for a reason. We are here to answer the call and deliver long-lasting solutions that strengthen your property and make your space safe and clean. Plus, as local Pennsylvania residents, you know that we care about your space as if it were our own.

Flexible Financing Options

Don’t let finances stand between you and a dry basement or crawl space. We offer financing options that can either make your project possible or upgrade your project to the next level. Head over to our Financing page to learn more and request a quote!

The Basements By Burke Commercial Waterproofing Process

Waterproofing jobs are not one size fits all. Each basement is unique, and the condition of your space plays a role in determining the necessary solutions. Achieving a waterproofed basement requires a knowledgeable team of experts with the experience required to ensure the job is done right. That is why we utilize proprietary methods and top-of-the-line equipment to ensure you receive the best service possible.

Waterproofing basements requires several tasks, including:

  • Properly removing concrete to access the perimeter.
  • Installing drainage to direct groundwater to the sump pit.
  • Installing fresh, clean gravel for further drainage.
  • Drilling weep holes in the foundation to allow blocks to release water
  • Repairing the concrete.
  • Installing patented sealed pump systems.
  • Installing Battery backup pumps to keep your basement dry ALL the time!
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Real Waterproofing Solutions

As a division of Burke Home Services, our customers can trust they are receiving the best waterproofing services available in the Northeast. Our skilled technicians inspect your property, recommend a tailored combination of options, and offer unparalleled hospitality while tackling even the toughest jobs. 

Many commercial basements require a combination of waterproofing techniques and services, including floor drain installation and repair, perimeter drain system inspection, drain tile installation, sump pump inspection and repair, vapor barrier installation, and other structural and crack repairs. These elements are all utilized to ensure that your basement’s waterproofing is comprehensive and high-quality, reinforced by an efficient team that knows the ins and outs of the business.

With Basements by Burke, rest assured that you’ll never have to pay for any unnecessary services or add-ons. Our team will educate you every step of the way, and our dedicated service providers do things right the first time. Reach out for a free estimate below.


The Benefits Of Commercial Basement Waterproofing

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A dry, finished basement increases the usable square footage of any business, transforming your space into the resource it was meant to be. Before you attempt to tackle the job yourself, consider your friends at Burke. Our basement waterproofing services are the best in the Northeast for a reason; schedule an appointment today and protect your local business from water damage.